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School-based Physical Therapist

Help students improve their mobility, collaborate with educators helping students fully participate in their education, and help students increase their independence.

Special Education Teacher

Help students progress academically, behaviorally, emotionally, coordinate the efforts of a student's special services, and help students prepare for everyday life.

Educational Audiologist

Help students access communication and learning, assist students with a hearing loss or hearing concerns, and provide school and community support.

School-based Psychologist

Maximize student's education and minimize behavior problems, promote healthy learning environments focusing on student needs, and help students succeed.

School-based Speech-Language Pathologist

Develop and improve student's ability to communicate, collaborate with other dedicated professionals impacting a student's education, and positively impact a student's life.

School Counselor

Provide valuable assistance addressing student's emotional well-being, become a vital member of a schools education team and help all students.

School-based Nurse

Care for students' physical, mental and emotional needs, promote good health, and make a difference in the lives of students.