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Be a School Counselor

  • Provide valuable assistance addressing students' emotional well-being
  • Be a vital member of a schools education team
  • Help all students

Be a School Educational Audiologist

  • Help students access communication and learning
  • Assist students with a hearing loss or hearing concerns
  • Provide school and community support

Be a School Nurse

  • Care for students' physical, mental and emotional needs
  • Promote good health
  • Make a difference in the lives of students

Be a School Occupational Therapist

  • Assist students with physical handicaps
  • Create solutions to problems
  • Help students have independent, productive and satisfying lives

Be a School Physical Therapist

  • Help students improve their mobility
  • Collaborate with educators helping students fully participate in their education
  • Help students increase their independence

Be a School Psychologist

  • Maximize students' education and minimize behavior problems
  • Promote healthy learning environments focusing on student needs
  • Help students succeed

Be a School Speech-Language Pathologist

  • Develop and improve a student's ability to communicate
  • Collaborate with other dedicated professionals impacting a student's education
  • Positively impact a student's life

Be a Special Education Teacher

  • Help students progress academically, behaviorally, emotionally
  • Coordinate the efforts of a student's special services
  • Help students prepare for everyday life